What is

“The Greatest Gift?”

The Greatest Gift is a physical gratitude journal all about giving a tangible gift of gratitude for somebody you care about. 

It works by:

  1. Choosing one person you're close to
  2. Writing about something you’re thankful for about them (it could be small!) for 21 entries, and
  3. Surprising them with the finished journal afterwards.

To make it incredibly easy, you'll get:

  • 30 story prompts to spark writing ideas
  • 24 photo holders
  • 400+ stickers to help tell your story
  • A beautifully designed journal
  • A sleek box, greeting card, and ribbon for the ultimate presentation they'll remember for LIFE

What’s Inside?

1. The Journal

  • Pick one specific person (your “Loved One”) to write your entire Greatest Gift journal for.
  • Fill it out with 21 total entries of what you’re grateful for in your Loved One.
  • A beautifully designed cover with gold-foil text
  • Perfect length for 21 entries
  • Soft, matte lamination finish
  • Built to last a lifetime

2. Storytelling Pack

  • Get 30 story ideas based on scientific research
  • 60 story add-on stickers
  • 24 Picture frame corners
  • 300+ Givemoji stickers
  • 6 border frames
  • 6 Lists
  • 2 Envelope pocket holders
  • 5 message cards

3. Box

  • After writing your 21 entries, use the beautiful white box with just your completed journal inside to gift to your Loved One.
  • Soft, matte lamination finish to match the journal inside
  • Built to last a lifetime

4. Gifting Materials

  • To wrap it all up, we included everything needed to present the perfect package.
  • Wrapping paper,
  • Ribbon, and
  • Greeting card to present the perfect package.

Can't I Just Buy A Blank
Journal &
Do This Myself?

Issues with only having a blank journal

  • Too many pages

  • No specific design/presentation

  • No accountability to stick with it

  • No guidance on how or what to write

  • No visual components (stickers, photo holders, etc.)

Benefits of using The Greatest Gift

  • Beautifully designed journal

  • Perfect length for 21 entries

  • 30 Inspirational Story Writing Ideas

  • Guidance on making effective entries

  • 24 Picture holder corners

  • 400+ Stickers

  • 2 Envelopes for secret messages

  • Greeting card + envelope

  • Wrapping paper

  • Ribbon

  • A gorgeous box to gift it all in

Having actually done this exercise before, we were able to spot the regular problems / pain points we knew could be improved from just writing in a blank journal.

By giving new story writing ideas and a structure for writing the most effective entries, it provides a clear direction of where to start writing each day.

By including a series of visual components (like picture holders / hundreds of stickers / envelopes to put cherished items in / beautiful border frames) to accompany each entry, it makes adding visual, artistic elements to the gift incredibly easy for anybody (you too gentlemen).

Lastly, the greeting card, ribbon, wrapping paper, and special box it all comes in allows for a beautiful presentation of The Greatest Gift that will leave a lasting impression for life.

All in all, you get EVERYTHING you need from beginning to end - ideas, accountability, and all the tools to design it beautifully with ease.

The Science Behind

Gratitude & Relationships

We spent over 100 hours just researching the factors that go into strong life-long relationships, and how a practice of gratitude can change our lives.

  1. Performing random spontaneous acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, are essential for maintaining and strengthening relationship bonds.
  2. Taking time to connect in a meaningful way is very different than talking in passing.
  3. Focusing on experiences with Loved Ones heightens our sense of being loved and accepted. Bringing these moments to light helps recreate the love we felt at those specific times.
  4. Change in the relationship in terms of trying new things (either together or for one another) helps foster the feeling of growth. This is how you avoid feeling stagnant / too comfortable with one another.
  5. Doing things that make your loved ones happy, will, in turn make you happy. In the words of the researchers, they “help you stay madly in love.”

How The Greatest Gift Will Change Your Life

  • Experience feeling genuinely GRATEFUL for life and all it has to offer

  • Give an incredible gift to someone you love that they will remember for LIFE

  • Resurface and relive some of the best experiences you've had with people you love

  • Increase your quality of life and overall happiness

How Long Does

It Takes To Finish a Greatest Gift?

Of course with a gift like this, you can take your time to fill out each entry and make it as meaningful as possible. That being said, we’ve seen full Greatest Gift’s written very quickly by users that were incredibly effective as well.

Since each entry is a page long, and you’re basically filling out stories (that you can draw inspiration from with the optional writing prompts), it makes the process a lot easier and smoother.

From our early testers, we’ve seen entire Greatest Gift finished in 1-2 hours, total. That’s NOTHING compared the emotional impact this will have with your Loved One, not to mention yourself.

I thought it’d be hard to finish a Greatest Gift since ideas don’t usually flow to me so easily. But because you’re writing stories you’ve already experienced - not to mention some of the most fun ones - the process becomes incredibly easy to finish.”
-- Melody Mahtaban
Once I got into a writing flow, there was no stopping me. I wrote from my heart and this was surprisingly easier than I thought.”
-- Amanda White

Guarantee your success

Get held personally accountable to finish your Greatest Gift

For each person who buys The Greatest Gift, our team will personally follow up with you to make sure you actually finish your journal.

We’ve seen the impact this has on other people’s lives (including you, the writer’s) and we are making it our mission to make sure you follow through with your commitment.

We WILL be there for you, and if you buy this, you WILL get it done.

Every Purchase Helps Us Donate Even More!

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