Why does this actually work?


Track your mornings with essential metrics. Create momentum through building streaks.


Each day you’ll get new bite-sized, actionable content that you can apply immediately to improving your mornings.


Specific sections in the introduction and content are dedicated to creating your own systems of accountability.


The journal was designed around the newest research and behavioral studies, showing that a 66-day cycle is optimal for adding a habit.


The greatest Olympic athletes track their progress daily. We’ve implemented a simple, comprehensive tracking system to hold you accountable and allow you to see your progress.

Then every night, you’ll track:

1. Expected sleep/wake up time (to set clear daily goals)

2. The specific actions you want to take immediately after waking up

3. Your most important task of the day, every day.

Then every day, you’ll track:

1. Actual sleep/wake up times (to hold yourself accountable!)

2. The positive benefits you felt that day from conquering your mornings (to create a positive feedback loop)

3. Writing out the magical moments your life gained that day

4. How you can improve your next day by 1% (to create a compounding growth effect)



Next to each daily tracking page is daily content that will show you a new actionable strategy you can apply to winning your mornings. These range from tips such as:

1. The secret of what time you should go to bed (page 27)

2. How to hold yourself accountable with automated nightly “go to sleep!” texts (page 31)

3. What Tim Cook and Richard Branson do specifically to jumpstart their mornings (pages 46 and 141)

4. How to immediately fill yourself with energy 15 seconds of waking up (page 71)

5. An affirmation that will make you feel absolutely unstoppable & full of energy on a physiological level (page 105)

6. The exact actions you should take the second you realize you’re having an “off day” (page 177)

Each of these is broken down to be extremely actionable, ridiculously simple to implement, and has been individually proven to be useful with hundreds of people.


Ha Khong, Engineer

“I tried the PDF version and OMG, only for 2 weeks, and the results are amazing. I used to wake up at 11AM or noon and went to bed at 2 or 3 AM. Nothing helped me change it. Right now, I wake up at 8:30AM and go to bed at 11PM. It’s a huge change for me.”

Jodie R., Medical Student

“I was never a morning person and had been sleeping in late for years. It SUCKED. This journal has helped me wake up at 6am every day for a month now!”

Amanda B., Startup Project Manager

“Building a morning routine is SO HARD! This journal breaks down specific actions & shortcuts you can take to conquer your mornings easily.”

Brian E., Real Estate Agent

“Spending 5 minutes a day with this journal has skyrocketed my productivity like crazy!

If you’re an ambitious bad@ss, GET THIS.