Because just like a Phoenix, no matter how many times we struggle, we can never fail. We learn, and we are continuously reborn through renewed and refined intention.
  • Choose a Habit

    Choose a habit you want to build (for example – waking up early, exercising, meditating, eating healthy, reading, etc.).

  • Make a Commitment

    Focus and commit to taking one small action towards adding the habit (i.e. waking up 15 minutes earlier for the next three days or cutting soda from one meal throughout the day).

  • Make it Public

    Make your commitment by posting your goal and the tiny action you’ll take as a new post in this group.

I was never a morning person and had been sleeping in late for years. It SUCKED. This journal has helped me wake up at 6am every day for a month now!”
-- Jodie R., Medical Student
Building a morning routine is SO HARD! This journal breaks down specific actions & shortcuts you can take to conquer your mornings easily.”
-- Amanda B., Startup Project Manager
Spending 5 minutes a day with this journal has skyrocketed my productivity like crazy!
If you’re an ambitious [email protected], GET THIS..”
-- Brian E., Real Estate Agent





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